Meet us in Cádiz in the Constitución 1812 building

The 26th Konopka Workshop will be held on 25th and 26th of January 2024 in Cádiz. The Workshop will take place in the Constitución 1812 building, also known as “Aulario La Bomba”. The “Aulario La Bomba” was renamed Constitución 1812 building on the occasion of the commemoration of the two hundredth anniversary of the Spanish Constitution of 1812.

The building is located in the Old La Bomba Barracks and has been transformed into the Exhibition Hall of the University of Cádiz. This building has five rooms, each of which bears the name of a character related to that time, such as Tomasa Palafox, Agustín Argüelles, Manuel José Quintana, Mejía Lequerica and Simón Bolívar. In addition, it has modular rooms that can be distributed in many different ways to make the Konopka Worskhop experience unique.


Edificio Constitución 1812

Paseo de Carlos III, 3

11003 Cádiz