Konopka 2022 will be host in  Burgos ,  

Meet us in Burgos in the
Forum Evolución conference center

The 25th Konopka Workshop will be held on 23rd and 24th of June 2022 in Burgos, organized by ERGO Research Group from Universidad de Burgos. It will take place in the Fórum Evolución, a new and full equipped conference center in the city center. 

Burgos Conference Center was designed by Juan Navarro Baldeweg, based on the idea of large open spaces and continuous natural light inside. The building is provided with more than 35,000 square meters, spread over six floors and 23 rooms with different capabilities. Furthermore, eight modular rooms can be distributed in very different ways to make the Konopka Worskhop experience unique. Please, take a look at its virtual tour.