Registration and Payment

The registration fee is 195 €.

The payment of this registration fee includes:

• Attendance at scientific sessions

• Coffees (25th and 26th January, 2024)

• Working lunches (25th and 26th January, 2024)

• Dinner (25th January, 2024)

For the communication to be definitively accepted, at least one of the authors of each communication must register before 1st December.


Registration and payment will be made through the following link:

To pay for registrations, we need to use the travel agency platform of the travel agency that will serve as an intermediary in the organization of the workshop. This platform is normally used for booking trips, so we will provide you with some instructions on how to proceed.

Instructions for registration:

1. Once inside the previous link, you must click on the orange box that indicates CONTRATAR.

2.1. The first time you enter you must click on Regístrate, and it will take you to the registration in the customer area where once you have filled out all the information you must click on Register. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you have indicated, and after confirming you must click on MI CUENTA, where you will be redirected to the registration window.

2.2. If you are already registered in the B travel reservation system (step 2.1.), you must Iniciar sesión, with the email and password information provided by you in the previous step.

3. After starting the session, you must fill in the information of the “viajero” (person who is going to register for the workshop).

If you wish to be sent an invoice or a pro forma invoice to make the payment, you must indicate this along with the billing information in the “Important information for the organizers and observations about the traveler” section. Then click Save. You will receive a new traveler registration message in your email, confirming that you have registered and asking you to make the payment.

4. It will direct you to a new window (Contracted Trips) where you can see your registration for the workshop. From this moment on, every time you enter the registration and payment link and log in, you will be directed to this window:

Instructions to make the payment:

1. From the Contracted Trips window, you must click on the arrow.

2. Next, enter the Payments tab and click Pay Pagar.

3. A drop-down menu will appear in which you will select the payment method:

•       Online payment (credit card, Bizum, electronic transfer)

•       Bank transfer

If you pay by bank transfer, it will indicate the account number to which you need to make the payment and the concept that has to be added. In the Reservation status, Pending will appear until you attach proof of having made the bank transfer.

For any questions related to the registration and payment process, you can call (34)956212223 or contact via email, asking for Mr. José Carlos Hermida, from the UCA Travel Service of the company B travel.